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Our hostas, daylilies, lilies, and peonies may think we're fickle, but our love for gardening knows few boundaries -- if we can grow it in our Zone 5 garden, we love it!  As a result, we have quite literally hundreds of additional species and varieties on display and for sale.  Subtle, soft pasque flowers; daisies of all shapes and sizes, hellebore, sedum, echinacea, persicaria polymorpha, domestic non-invasive grasses, viburnum trilobum, lilac, hydrangea, astilbe, weigelia, phlox, waterlilies, marsh marigolds, and dozens of other species and varieties are all snuggled into our gardens and seasonally available in our sales area.  Selection changes regularly, so come out and see!

Click here to send us an email regarding seasonal, exotic, or specific requests and we'll get back to you asap.