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Edible landscaping is "trending" strongly in the landscaping industry, particularly among DIY landscapers who are doing their own gardening and who want something that useful in addition to being decorative.  Yes, edible landscaping takes a little bit more knowledge and care than traditional "fire and forget" plantings, but having hardy cherry, haskap, blueberry, apple, and other varieties of edible plants as part of your landscaping turns a walk around the property into an entirely different "walk and nibble" experience that brings a new level of anticipation and satisfaction to gardening.  And nothing is more beautiful than a cherry or apple in bloom in spring...

For all of our availability lists, click here to open our Riverbend Gardens Dropbox folder.  For a full list of our edible landscaping right here on the website (except for new purchases since the list was updated), scroll down just a bit and you'll see plants available for sale at Riverbend Gardens.

Here is our full "edible landscaping" list -- no pricing on this list, just availability (for prices, click here to open our Riverbend Gardens Dropbox Folder).  All of these plants can be found in our display beds in varying degrees of maturity (depending on when they were introduced), not just in pots in our sales area, to give you the opportunity to see a mature plant before taking a new friend home for your garden.  Our display beds are open to the public from the first Monday in May through Thanksgiving weekend (closed Sundays).  Come out and see these plants in their mature state, not just in their pot-bound, hydroponically fed nursery environment, before you take them home! For better or for worse, magnificent or frostbitten, you'll see "the real deal" before you take it home.  We'll special order any of these plants for you to enjoy in your own garden!

Cupid Romance Cherry

Juliet Romance Cherry
Romeo Romance Cherry
Valentine Romance Cherry
Passion Romance Cherry

Borealis Haskaap (producer) 

Tundra Haskaap (producer)

Berry Blue Haskaap (pollinator)

Smoky Saskatoon Berry

Pembina Saskatoon Berry

Northline Saskatoon Berry

Thiessen Saskatoon Berry

Honeywood Saskatoon Berry

Blueberries (special order)

Goji (generic lycium barbarum)

Sea Buckthorn